Dec. 26 Closing Prices for Crude Oil, Gold, and Other Commodities

The market saw a significant rise in oil prices on Tuesday, with benchmark U.S. crude oil for February delivery spiking to $75.57 per barrel, an increase of $2.01. Meanwhile, Brent crude for February delivery also experienced a jump, rising $2 to $81.07 per barrel.
In addition to the surge in oil prices, wholesale gasoline for January delivery rose by 3 cents to $2.16 a gallon, while January heating oil saw a 1 cent increase, reaching $2.67 a gallon. On the other hand, January natural gas fell by 6 cents to $2.55 per 1,000 cubic feet.
Meanwhile, in the precious metals market, gold for February delivery saw a modest increase of 70 cents, reaching $2,069.80 per ounce. However, silver for March delivery experienced a decline, falling by 17 cents to $24.40 per ounce. Additionally, March copper fell by 1 cent, reaching $3.90 per pound.
In the currency exchange market, the dollar rose to 142.49 yen from 142.45 Japanese yen, while the euro also saw an increase, rising to $1.1045 from $1.1011.
The fluctuations in these key market indicators have the potential to impact a wide range of industries and sectors, from oil and gas to precious metals and currencies. Investors and analysts will be closely monitoring these developments to gauge their potential implications on the global economy.
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