DeSantis Criticizes ‘Distorted’ Trump Indictments in Primary

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing an uphill battle in the polls against former President Donald Trump. DeSantis recently expressed his concerns in an interview, stating that the ongoing indictments against Trump have distorted the upcoming primary election. He specifically mentioned that the coverage of these indictments has dominated conversations around the primary, overshadowing other important issues.

During an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) on Dec. 21, DeSantis criticized the cases against Trump and expressed his wish that Trump hadn’t been indicted. He believes that the indictments have helped Trump’s campaign and have crowded out other important discussions. DeSantis also mentioned his belief that the indictments are being used by Democrats to their advantage in order to secure a win in the general election.

DeSantis raised concerns about the plan of the Democrats to “create a narrative” that scares Democrats into replacing President Joe Biden and convincing Republicans to nominate President Trump. He fears that the general election could become focused on Trump’s legal troubles rather than Biden’s failures, which he believes could be detrimental to the Republican Party.

The governor continued to express his concerns to voters in Iowa, stating that the ongoing legal issues surrounding Trump are a tactic to solidify support for him in the primary and steer the conversation away from Biden’s failures. He emphasized that the election should be about addressing the failures of the Left and turning the country around.

Despite his concerns, DeSantis remains confident that voters will eventually grow tired of the controversy surrounding Trump and vote in his favor. However, the latest primary poll update from FiveThirtyEight paints a different picture, with Trump leading at 62 percent, followed by DeSantis at 11.9 percent, and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley at 10.9 percent.

DeSantis is facing a tough fight to regain ground in the polls against Trump, with the ongoing indictments against the former president overshadowing his campaign. The governor remains hopeful that voters will eventually shift their focus to other important issues, including the failures of the Biden administration. However, with Trump’s strong lead in the polls, DeSantis will need to work hard to overcome the challenges posed by the ongoing legal issues and controversies.

In the midst of these challenges, DeSantis continues to voice his concerns about the impact of the indictments on the upcoming primary election. As the campaign progresses, it remains to be seen whether DeSantis will be able to navigate the current landscape and secure a strong position in the race against Trump.


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