DeSantis Super PAC Faces Setback as Chief Strategist Jeff Roe Departs Ahead of Iowa Caucuses

The DeSantis 2024 Campaign is facing a major setback as the chief strategist of a top PAC supporting Governor DeSantis, Jeff Roe, has announced his resignation just weeks before the Iowa caucuses. Steve Bannon broke the news on GETTR, where Roe posted his announcement, expressing his regret at not being able to continue with the campaign in the final stretch. This development comes as a blow to DeSantis’s presidential ambitions, with Politico reporting that he trails President Trump by a significant 50 points in polling.

Roe’s departure from the pro-DeSantis group, Never Back Down, is the latest in a series of resignations and firings, signaling turmoil within the organization. Just two weeks ago, three top officials, including the super PAC’s CEO, were fired, and the board chairman and organization’s president also left their positions. In the midst of this upheaval, Republican strategist Phil Cox, a longtime DeSantis ally and adviser, has stepped in to help steer the PAC in the final weeks before the Iowa caucus.

Roe cited a recent article in The Washington Post about internal conflicts within the PAC as the reason for his resignation, stating that he “cannot in good conscience stay affiliated with Never Back Down given the statements in the Washington Post today. They are not true and an unwanted distraction at a critical time for Governor DeSantis.” The turmoil within the PAC, coupled with the latest departure of a key strategist, paints a bleak picture for the DeSantis 2024 Campaign as it heads into a crucial phase of the presidential race.

The loss of Roe, a seasoned political strategist, is a significant blow to the DeSantis campaign, and it remains to be seen how the PAC will navigate the final weeks leading up to the Iowa caucuses without its chief strategist. With DeSantis already facing a substantial polling deficit against Trump, these internal conflicts and departures only serve to further undermine the viability of his presidential ambitions.

The DeSantis 2024 Campaign is now tasked with overcoming this setback and regaining momentum as the Iowa caucuses draw nearer. It remains to be seen how the campaign will address the internal turmoil within the PAC and whether it can make up ground in the polls. As the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination heats up, the challenges facing the DeSantis campaign continue to mount, making the road ahead increasingly uncertain and challenging.


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