Elon Musk’s X experiences global outage for users.

Elon Musk’s social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, is currently experiencing a global outage, preventing users from viewing tweets, as reported by a number of users. The platform’s TweetDeck service, now known as X Pro, is also affected.

According to DownDetector, a web monitoring tool, more than 65,000 complaints have been registered from users worldwide. It remains unclear what has caused the glitch. While users can still engage in X Spaces and receive notifications, tweets are not appearing on their timelines, nor are they visible when accessing a user’s profile.

This is not the first time X has encountered an outage. The company’s decision to lay off a large portion of its workforce earlier has exposed it to greater vulnerabilities and reliability challenges. However, the service, now owned by Musk, has been relatively more reliable in recent months.

The most recent significant outage, when X was still known as Twitter, occurred in early July. The site had faced issues with “rate limit exceeded” and “cannot retrieve tweets” errors. Musk later explained that these measures were implemented to prevent “extreme” data scraping of the platform.

At this time, further details about the current outage are awaited.

Despite the setback faced by X, the company has been making significant strides. Over the years, the platform has transformed from a text-based social media site to a multi-media platform, offering features such as Spaces, where users can engage in live conversations, and the ability to share trending spaces with others. It has also introduced premium features like tipping and are planning to introduce an Undo tweet button.

The outage comes at a time when X has been seeing steady growth in active user numbers and engagement levels. However, the recent glitch highlights the platform’s ongoing battle to maintain uptime and reliability.

As X works to resolve the issue, many users have taken to other social media platforms to express their thoughts and frustrations. Some have expressed their hope that the platform will return to normal functioning soon, while others speculate about the cause of the problem.

As of now, Musk and X have yet to release an official statement regarding the outage and its cause. It remains to be seen how quickly the company can address and resolve the issue. In the meantime, many X users are left unable to access the content and engagement they enjoy on the platform.


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