Endrick discloses the decisive factor that led to choosing Real Madrid over Chelsea

Young Brazilian prospect Endrick has made a bold decision to pursue his dream of playing for Real Madrid instead of joining Chelsea. The 17-year-old forward will move to the Spanish capital in July after turning 18, following a €60m deal between Real Madrid and Palmeiras. Endrick will join his compatriots Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo at Real Madrid, where he hopes to make a big impact.
Vinicius and Rodrygo arrived in Madrid at similar stages in their careers and have since become crucial players for Carlo Ancelotti’s side. Endrick has also been making waves at Palmeiras and is seen as a rising star in the world of football. There’s great anticipation surrounding his potential and what he can achieve in the coming years.

However, things could have been very different for Endrick, as he seriously considered a move to Chelsea. The young forward and his father had all but agreed on a move to Stamford Bridge, but in the end, Endrick was adamant about joining his dream club, Real Madrid.

Speaking in an interview with The Athletic, Endrick revealed, “At one point, there was a lot of talk about Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe for Madrid and that was when there was strong interest from Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain. Of course, they are big and important teams. I am very interested in them and they would be excellent options.”

Endrick expressed his attraction to the Premier League, the city of London, and the fact that English is the dominant language in the world. He also acknowledged Chelsea’s strong brand and their two Champions League titles. Despite these attractions, Endrick ultimately couldn’t resist his dream of playing at the Santiago Bernabeu for Real Madrid.

The young Brazilian is also hopeful of playing alongside Mbappe at Real Madrid, should the French star’s highly-anticipated move from Paris Saint-Germain go through. Endrick believes that having top-level players in the team will contribute to its development and winning mentality.

He stated, “Whenever there are high-level players within the team, the team will develop better, and consequently, it will be able to win in attitude, right? So whatever is best for Real Madrid and the entire team, let it be done. I just want to be happy playing my football like I always wanted. Obviously, if I can play with Vinicius, Rodrygo, or Kylian, it will be something very good.”

Endrick’s decision to choose Real Madrid over Chelsea highlights his determination to fulfill his dream and play alongside some of the best talents in the world. The young forward’s potential and ambition to succeed at the highest level make him an exciting prospect for the future. As he prepares to join Real Madrid, Endrick will be eager to take the next step in his promising career and make a significant impact at one of the most storied clubs in football.


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