Enzo Fernandez and Moises Caicedo must raise their game, says Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino has laid out the challenge for midfield pair Enzo Fernandez and Moises Caicedo to improve as Chelsea continues to stumble in the Premier League.
With the Blues languishing in 10th place after a 2-1 loss to Manchester United, Pochettino recognizes the need for the two 22-year-olds to raise their game, emphasizing that their development is an ongoing “process.”
He noted that the weight of expectations on the young players is high due to their hefty price tags and limited experience in European football. He stressed that it takes time for players to adapt and deliver results, especially in a team that is undergoing a rebuilding phase.
Pochettino’s comments came ahead of Chelsea’s upcoming clash with Everton, a team that is riding high after a 3-0 win over Newcastle.
The Chelsea boss highlighted the physical threat from Everton, particularly from set-pieces, and called for his players to be more astute in their approach to negate the opposition’s strengths.
In addition to tactical considerations, Pochettino also addressed the challenge of maintaining motivation within the squad amid the team’s inconsistent performances.
He acknowledged that it’s easier for players to stay motivated when they are winning, but it becomes tougher in the face of ups and downs. The manager emphasized the importance of managing emotions, frustration, and disappointment to maintain a positive environment within the team.
As Chelsea prepares to face Everton on Sunday, Pochettino’s message to his players is clear: there’s a need for improvement, both on and off the pitch. The coach’s candid remarks are a reflection of the pressing challenges and high standards associated with a club like Chelsea.
Pochettino’s insight offers a window into the complex dynamics of managing a team in transition, where the focus is not only on immediate results but also on nurturing young talent and instilling a winning culture. The journey may be arduous, but for Pochettino and his Chelsea side, it’s a path they are committed to treading.


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