EU Discards 215 Million Covid Vaccines

The European Union has recently faced backlash for the drastic decision to dispose of over 215 million expired doses of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, costing taxpayers a staggering €4 billion. This revelation follows the apparent lack of public interest in receiving booster shots, ultimately leading to the wastage of these surplus vaccines.

This substantial loss of the newly purchased mRNA vaccines, which had not been thoroughly tested for long-term side effects, sheds light on the vaccination efforts across the EU. In fact, the European Union had secured a monumental 4.2 billion vaccine doses, enough to administer nine shots to each citizen within the EU. This excessive procurement raised questions about the underlying motive for pushing booster shots, ultimately resulting in the disposal of the surplus vaccines.

As the data from 15 EU member countries was disclosed, it revealed an alarming average of 0.7 thrown-away doses per person. Extrapolating this figure to the entire EU suggests that approximately 312 million doses, equating to €5.8 billion of taxpayers’ money, have been recklessly discarded. Moreover, the actual number of wasted doses is likely even higher, as Germany disclosed the disposal of 83 million doses and revealed a potential stockpile of 120 million more expiring early next year.

The evident lack of public interest in receiving additional Covid-19 vaccines underscores a failed propaganda effort. The reluctance of people to receive the shots has prompted Poland and Hungary to refuse further vaccine deliveries, leading to legal action from pharmaceutical company Pfizer for failure to pay for the unused doses. Similarly, in Romania, prosecutors seek to take legal action against former government officials for extensive vaccine procurement that resulted in substantial financial losses for the state.

The EU’s extensive acquisition of Covid-19 mRNA doses, alongside the public’s reluctance to receive boosters, ultimately led to the disposal of hundreds of millions of doses—a significant loss to taxpayers. The magnitude of wasted funds amounts to the annual healthcare expenditure of a country like Croatia, prompting consideration of the numerous alternative uses for such a substantial sum.

This astonishing revelation implies that the pandemic served as a significant wealth transfer from the public to the elite. This staggering mismanagement of resources raises critical concerns about the efficiency of vaccination efforts and calls for a thorough examination of the EU’s handling of the Covid-19 vaccines and public funds. This news has sparked widespread speculation and concerns about the priorities and decision-making processes within the EU.

In light of these developments, independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden, has dedicated years to reporting overlooked stories and issues. His incisive reporting on the waste of expired Covid-19 vaccines and the associated financial implications underscores the importance of independent journalism in bringing vital issues to public attention.


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