Expert Reveals the Underlying Cause of High Early Death Rates in America During COVID-19 Pandemic: “Unspoken Event” (VIDEO)

The recent op-ed published in The Hill featured Dr. Pierre Kory voicing concern about the rising death rates among younger Americans, challenging the explanations put forth by health authorities. This issue gained attention after the FDA commissioner highlighted a significant decline in American life expectancy, attributing it to factors such as smoking and poor diet. However, Dr. Kory believes that a more controversial cause related to the COVID-19 pandemic could be responsible, based on data from the Society of Actuaries.

The analysis reveals a startling trend: while death rates among the elderly have decreased by 6% compared to pre-pandemic levels, deaths among younger age groups have surged dramatically. For instance, deaths in the 35 to 44 age group have increased by 26%, and for the 25 to 34 age group, the rise is 19% compared to pre-pandemic figures. Dr. Kory sat down for a live telecast with VNN’s flagship show, Gateway: Beyond the Headlines, where he delved into these alarming statistics.

In the interview, Dr. Kory criticized health authorities’ lack of transparency and thorough investigation into these trends. He insinuated that something significant, possibly related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its management, could be driving these unexpected death rates. He vehemently disagreed with the FDA commissioner’s explanation of smoking and bad diet as the cause for the sudden spike in deaths among younger Americans, emphasizing that these factors did not suddenly explode in the third quarter of 2021.

He called for a thorough investigation into the matter, lamenting the lack of transparency with the data and the magnitude of the increase in deaths. He expressed frustration over the data and the decision by the CDC to archive its excess deaths web page in the face of a “triple-demic” prediction this winter. As reported previously, the CDC announced that it will no longer track the excess deaths associated with COVID-19 and the vaccine, raising questions about the reasoning behind this decision.

Dr. Kory has taken to social media to further highlight this issue, sharing an Instagram post that emphasizes the need for debate on the abnormally high numbers of deaths even as COVID wanes and thanking The Hill for publishing his op-ed. The interview was also shared on Twitter, sparking further debate and interest in the topic.

In conclusion, Dr. Pierre Kory’s concern over the unexpected increase in deaths among younger Americans has brought attention to a significant issue that health authorities need to address. The call for a thorough investigation and transparency in data is paramount, considering the impact of these rising death rates. As the debate on this issue continues, it remains to be seen how health authorities will respond and if further action will be taken to understand and address this concerning trend.


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