Experts Predict Mind-Controlled Devices May Be Common by 2040S

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Experts predict that by 2040, people will control smart devices with their thoughts due to advancements in ‘smartbrain’ technology. 
A smartbrain, or Brain-Machine Interface (BMI), is a wearable or implanted device that directly links the human brain to smart devices like phones, computers, and robotic limbs.
It would allow people to navigate the internet, send texts, and adjust thermostats by merely thinking, blurring boundaries between humans and machines.
University of New South Wales (UNSW) biomedical engineering expert Mohit Shivdasani said scientists are “very close” to mind-controlled devices becoming an everyday reality rather than a science-fiction concept.
“We’re not far off from seeing someone walking around with a brain-machine interface outside of a lab,” he said. …


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