Fact-Check: Joe Biden Faces Scrutiny over Second Amendment Claim

President Biden made a stop in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss his “investing in America” agenda and his vision for infrastructure development. However, his track record on delivering promises from previous budgets has left many skeptical, with not a single electric vehicle charger installed despite a $7.5 billion request to Congress.

During his speech, Biden announced a new investment that would cost “over a billion, three hundred million, trillion, three hundred million dollars.” His unclear and confusing statement raised eyebrows and drew attention to his ability to effectively manage funds for such projects.

In a moment of distraction, Biden went on a tangent, telling a story about a man named McCullough from 1972, further adding to the confusion and lack of focus during his address.

Furthermore, Biden continued to express his stance on the Second Amendment, making claims that have been debunked by historians and fact-checkers. His assertion that the Second Amendment prohibited ownership of cannons has been proven false, and he received four Pinocchio’s from Washington Post fact-checkers for spreading misinformation.

This is not the first time Biden has made questionable comments regarding the Second Amendment. He previously made remarks about the Amendment’s limitations while announcing executive actions on gun control, stating, “No Amendment is absolute.” His consistent stance on gun control and limitations on the Second Amendment have been met with criticism and pushback from many Americans.

Biden’s repeated claims and views on gun violence and the Second Amendment have sparked concern and controversy, as he continues to reinforce his stance on enforcing stricter measures and limitations on gun ownership, despite factual evidence that contradicts his assertions.

Overall, Biden’s address in Las Vegas failed to provide a clear and cohesive vision for his proposed investments and infrastructure plans, further fueling public skepticism and concern about the effectiveness and credibility of his agenda.


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