Farrah Abraham Shows New Look, Denies Having Surgery

Farrah Abraham always keeps her fans guessing about her next move. Whether it’s through statements or appearance, Farrah is a master of the unexpected, locking her followers into a guessing game about her next move. Have your suspicions screamed from every rooftop? You’re not alone. Stepping out again for a new reality show that no one really asked for? Children everywhere will inform you that, like the “Elf on the Shelf,” your suspicions are justified.

We all love a good Christmas product, right? Nothing keeps the magic alive like thinking that our consummate aggression over seasonal items has been outdone. What could be better than an elf on the shelf? How about a dwarf in the sand? Farrah took to Instagram to show off Snoop Dogg, a product we have been assured is real, and the internet reckons her unrecognizable face has undergone some (plastic) changes.

Farrah has always been open and honest about her appearance and any procedures she may have undergone, advertising them on social media. Something about Bah humbug, better luck next year, and sandcastles. She adamantly denies having undergone any cosmetic surgical procedures, but the teem mom has let the pictures (unwittingly) speak for themselves. A photo posted by Farrah showcasing her derrière on TikTok has sent fans charging at her declarations with pitchforks and confusion.

Farrah has boldly upheld her denial of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) rumours, choosing instead to share a video of her beach bum. Donning a white string bikini and playing in the sands of Turks and Caicos, she had some rage to vent against the misguided hellscape TikTok algorithm. Like sand through the hourglass of mindless video content, these are the days of our lives. But she doesn’t seem too worried. A nonsensical hashtag from Farrah invites a collective eye roll from her followers, who at this point have been puzzled into bemusement.

Denying that she has undergone certain cosmetic treatments, Farrah’s beach experience on TikTok has forced observers to throw common sense out with the powdery, sun-kissed sugar. Farrah has taken to social media to deny the existence of some kind of procedure and promote the idea of setting goals.

There is only one word to describe Farrah’s conundrum: perplexing. Her enigmatic comments, directly from the scrambled mind of Farrah, leave her followers bewildered as to what her next move will be. One of Farrah’s latest Instagram stories has sparked wholesale confusion about her appearance and what could possibly be going on behind her “innocent” miniatures. To read more about Farrah’s latest update, click here.


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