Father of Five Taylor James Johnatakis, a Political Prisoner, in Need of Support This Christmas Season – How You Can Help

Taylor James Johnatakis, a loving father of five and sole breadwinner for his family, attended the Capitol on January 6th last year, in order to gather material for his experiential storytelling and take part in a historic moment, win or lose. Fast forward to the present, Taylor has been found guilty on seven charges, three of them being felonies. It is unfortunate to see the pain and suffering of not just him, but also his family who depend on him.

His wife, Marie expressed the sheer horror of living a secluded life without him. She shed light on his kind-nature and his efforts to provide for their family in her statement on the fundraising page. She further talks about being involved in various activities and community roles. It’s agonizing to have him gone, as mentioned by Marie. The heartbreaking story from Taylor represents a scenario in which his family was innocent, and yet the role of a single member can tear apart an entire household.

Taylor narrates the struggle and tribulations of his life, the relationship with his wife, upbringing, and his experience in the Military. His journey consists of ample challenges, but also moments of joy. Ordinarily, in such instances, it is difficult for an individual to separate their personal life from the crimes they have been convicted of, but for Taylor, it is his family and their well-being who are the victims. His life has revolved around the principles of faith and strong family values, and his motivation was the devotion to live a righteous life.

His life-story unfolds a truth, providing a glimpse into a man’s persistence and perseverance through life’s toughest ordeals. He talks about his religious mission to Brazil, and the moment he met his wife, which then became the foundation of their love story. They battled emotional and physical pain together, having experienced the hardship of losing a child while fighting for its life. That incident, weakened them but also gave them the strength to endure life’s toughest challenges, even when faced with the legal battles he currently fights.

Taylor, possessed an optimistic outlook towards life and a well of unwavering determination and hope. Encounters with situations, such as J6 prosecutions, and the hard-hitting journey of loss and tribulations, molds a character that mirrors hope in the face of adversity. These moments in life shape him and bring him to the present day, facing charges of a riot and property damage, which he disagrees with. He was not stirred by the words and actions of the then-president.

On January 6th, he arrived on a last-minute trip to Washington, D.C., driven by his passion for storytelling and captivating the essence of a historic moment. Taylor never intended to incite violence; rather, he wished to bring out the voices that he believed were drowned by bureaucracy. He assumed a more liberal view of the rules of engagement in the vicinity of Capitol grounds because the political climate demanded a more vigorous approach. However, being misguided and misinformed, he was convicted on 7 charges and now awaits sentencing.

Taylor, despite the circumstances, remains committed to protect his righteousness and continues to search for justice, even amidst his struggles with the mental strain caused by the judicial process. His ordeal stands as a testament to his resilience and the determination to support his family, and maintains faith in the journey of life.


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