First Online Talks Between Japan and Southeast Asian Countries to Combat Disinformation Planned

Japan is gearing up for its first-ever online talks with Southeast Asian nations to address the pressing issue of disinformation. In an effort to strengthen collaboration on combating disinformation, senior government officials from six countries, including the Philippines and Thailand, are expected to participate in the virtual meeting on Monday. The talks come at a time when the digitalization of information and the growing use of generative artificial intelligence have made tackling disinformation a top priority.

The upcoming virtual meeting will provide a platform for participating countries to exchange insights on real cases of disinformation and information manipulation orchestrated by foreign entities. The meeting aims to foster a shared understanding of the issue and reinforce cooperation in promoting accurate and truthful information. This initiative underscores Japan’s commitment to fostering a free and fair information space, as highlighted by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida during his visit to India in March.

Japan’s resolve to address disinformation is underscored by recent challenges, particularly in the aftermath of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings’ decision to release treated water from its Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant into the ocean. The Japanese government has recognized disinformation as a collective threat not only to its own autonomy but to that of all nations. Last week, Japan joined forces with the United States to collaborate on detecting and analyzing disinformation.

A senior official from the Foreign Ministry expressed the country’s eagerness to engage in information-sharing and expand cooperation to combat disinformation. The initiative reflects Japan’s proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by disinformation and its commitment to upholding the integrity of information in the global landscape. The virtual talks with Southeast Asian nations mark a significant milestone in Japan’s efforts to foster collective resilience against disinformation.


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