Former Assistant Files Sexual Battery Lawsuit Against Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel, 55, is in the same boat as many high-earning celebrities – he’s been hit with a sexual abuse lawsuit. Diesel was sued by a 9-day-old assistant who said he had forced himself on her. Diesel was working on a film, Fast and Furious 5, when the alleged incident occurred.

Astra Jonasson, who worked as Diesel’s personal assistant, said he sexually abused her while working on the film in 2010. According to Jonasson, the incident occurred at his room at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta.

Diesel got aggressive and physically uncomely when Jonasson refused his overtures, she said. The victim, who is claiming sexual battery, said that Diesel escalated the situation by undressing her against her will.

Jonasson claims Diesel then forced her to touch his genitals while masturbating. The woman stated she “dissociated” in the attempt to get through the situation with her eyes closed, as Diesel was “masturbating in her face,” stated the lawsuit.

Vin Diesel has been accused of acting to lead in his famous aggressive manner. The incident happened more than a decade ago. This shocking news was reportedly released in a statement on Thursday by Jonasson’s legal team.

Lawyers representing Diesel have refuted the allegations and stated that he denies having done any such act. According to attorney Bryan Freedman, Diesel has never heard of this claim in the 13 years since it was reportedly made. He called the claims preposterous, bizarre, and baseless.

The day after the alleged attack, Jonasson said she was fired by Diesel’s sister. Jonasson eventually decided to speak out because of the #MeToo movement and California’s Speak Out law, which allows victims of alleged sexual assault incidents dating back to 2009 to file lawsuits.

The actor has yet to comment on the claims, only responding through his legal team. Stay tuned for more reports on this developing news. This article was sourced from.


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