Grimes-voiced AI plushie Grok trademarked before Elon Musk’s version

Grimes Expands Her Ventures into the Toy Business with the Launch of “Grok,” a character she voiced for Curio’s new line of screen-free AI plushies. This toy is not related to the AI chatbot backed by Grimes’ ex, Elon Musk also named Grok. Musk has described the xAI’s Grok as having a “rebellious streak” and a willingness to answer “spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems.”

Grok, Gabbo, and Grem are designed to encourage play, according to a conversation with Curio founders Misha Sallee and Sam Eaton. Grimes spoke about the importance of encouraging creativity in children early through dynamic conversations. She wants to make it easy for kids to access imagination in their current existence rather than just observing it on screens or in books and movies.

In Curio’s announcement video, Grimes expressed her desire to keep her kids away from screens but admitted that she is “really busy.” The plushies are designed to hold full conversations and interact with kids to help them practice their communication skills. The beta version of the toys is available for pre-order, priced at $99 each, targeting kids aged 3 to 7. Grimes’ oldest son with Musk, named X Æ A-Xii, is 3 years old.

Curio confirmed that the plushies can answer questions, play games, and encourage kids to develop listening and conversation skills. An app is provided for parents to set up and monitor interactions with their kids using the toy’s built-in rechargeable, WiFi-connected speaker and mic.

Grimes got involved with Curio after responding to a post about AI-integrated toys for children’s safety. The toy line launched just a week after Musk’s competitor, also named Grok, began its rollout to subscribers. Business Insider reports that Grimes’ Grok was trademarked first, with Curio filing the trademark for Grok on September 12 this year. On the other hand, xAI filed its trademark for Grok on October 23.

This created an overlap between the toy character and the AI chatbot Grok, but Grimes has expressed hope that they become friends. This coincides with the fact that Grimes and Musk are currently engaged in a custody battle over their children and have filed child custody lawsuits against each other.

Addressing the overlap in the use of the name for both AI systems, Grimes tweeted that “it was too late for either AI to change names,” resulting in two AI systems being named Grok. She expressed humor, stating that she can’t believe even AI can’t avoid showing up at school and meeting another kid with the same name.


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