Health and Human Services Secretary Initiates Covert Action Against Pregnancy Centers

HHS Secretary Plans Stealth Attack on Pregnancy Centers

In a shocking development, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra has devised a plan that would negatively impact pro-life pregnancy centers in four states, according to the SBA Pro-Life America organization.

The proposed rule change seeks to prohibit the use of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) funds in pro-life pregnancy centers, a move that directly contradicts the widespread support for these centers among the American people.

This stealthy proposal by Becerra specifically targets pregnancy resource centers in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Indiana, where the use of TANF funding currently amounts to $1 million to $7 million individually.

Katie Daniel from SBA pointed out that the funding for these centers pales in comparison to the $670 million in taxpayer dollars that went to Planned Parenthood, a major player in the abortion industry, in 2021-2022.

The implications of this rule change could have a detrimental effect on women in need, as it limits the ability of pregnancy centers to provide crucial support. Many women who have had abortions express a desire for more financial or emotional assistance, and this move by the Biden administration appears to push these women towards only one option – abortion.

In response to the proposed rule, SBA and the Charlotte Lozier Institute criticized the lack of neutrality and fairness. They highlighted how the HHS scrutiny of state inclusion of Pregnancy Resource Centers in TANF programs seems to be linked to the centers’ unfavorable views in the eyes of the current administration, rather than their effectiveness in achieving the goals of TANF.

Lawmakers from the affected states have voiced their objection to the proposed rule, emphasizing that the decision about which entities should be part of the TANF program should be left to the states, as they are accountable to the people and best understand the needs of their communities.

An executive of a pregnancy center, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed disappointment about the policy, citing the significant impact the center has on the lives of over 150 families each year. The center provides a wide range of support services, from ultrasounds and medical care to mentoring, educational programs, and financial assistance. The executive lamented that the new policy would hinder the center’s ability to help the women and families TANF was created to support.

This latest move is just one of several in Biden’s ongoing war against pregnancy centers. Yelp previously placed discriminatory warning labels on centers, a move that was praised by 14 Democrat attorneys general. Furthermore, efforts have been made to shut down pregnancy centers, with some states passing laws that hinder life-saving treatment options.

In summary, the proposed rule change by HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra has raised serious concerns about the future of pro-life pregnancy centers in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Indiana. The potential impact on women and families in need has prompted strong objections from lawmakers and advocacy groups, as the battle over the fundamental right to life continues to intensify.

The original version of this article appeared on WND News Center.


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