Here Are the Overused Passwords in the World That Take Seconds to Crack

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A security company revealed the most common passwords in the world, which are also among the easiest ones to crack.
NordPass published its 2023 edition of the top 200 most common passwords this week, revealing that a significant number of them can be cracked in under a second using brute-force tools.
The most common password, “123456,” was recorded more than 4.5 million times, according to NordPass, which noted that it takes less than one second to crack. The second-worst was “admin,” which took the same time to crack and was recorded more than 4 million times.
Common number-based passwords like “1234,” “12345678,” “123456789,” “12345,” and “123” were also common and can be cracked in under one second. The password, “password,” ranked as No. 7—with more than 718,000 entries, and could be cracked in a similar amount of time, according to the company….


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