IDF Achieves Israel Victory: 600 Terrorists Eliminated, “Elite Quarter” Secured as Hamas Desperate and Losing Control

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) declared on Wednesday that they had gained control over Hamas’ “Elite Quarter” in the center of Gaza City, which encompasses the area of ‘Palestine Square’. This area served as the base for Hamas’ administrative and military leadership and also houses a large network of tunnels connecting terrorist hideouts, bureaus, and residential apartments belonging to Hamas’s top leadership.

The 401st Brigade in the 162nd Division, along with the Shaldag tunnel rats, Yahalom combat engineers, and Shayetet 13 special forces, conducted a coordinated offensive in the Rimal area of Gaza City, where ‘Palestine Square’ is located. This operation resulted in the elimination of approximately 600 terrorists through both ground and aerial operations.

Following the takeover of ‘Palestine Square’, a thorough search revealed an underground terrorist city that forms part of Hamas’ tunnel network. This network includes tunnel shafts located in residences and offices of senior officials, enabling Hamas operatives to move covertly and remain in hiding for extended periods.

Additionally, the IDF discovered a specialized workshop used by Hamas for building the underground network. The network includes food, water, and electrical infrastructure, allowing for prolonged stays. It was also used by senior Hamas officials such as Ismail Haniyeh, Yahya Sinwar, and Muhammad Deif for directing operational activity and protected daily movement.

Israeli Air Force aircraft carried out attacks on 230 Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip. The strikes included the destruction of a compound in Khan Yunis, where terrorists were eliminated, and the destruction of a launcher loaded with rockets aimed at Israel. In Jabalia, Israeli soldiers facilitated the evacuation of civilians from a school complex and found weapons in the school.

Desperate for survival, Hamas terrorists in Gaza resorted to hunting animals for food, as reported by Arab sources inside the Strip. The shortage of food has led to a state of starvation among the terrorists, forcing some to surrender. Many terrorists are exhibiting severe psychological distress and are trying to escape to areas near the Egyptian border.

Despite their difficulties, Hamas is feeling betrayed by the lack of support from Hezbollah. They had hoped for a second front to open along the Israel-Lebanon border, but that support did not materialize. The situation for Hamas leadership, even abroad, is becoming increasingly precarious.

Overall, the IDF’s operation has significantly weakened Hamas’ stronghold in Gaza, leading to a state of desperation and internal strife within the terrorist organization.


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