Inside The Washington Post’s Analysis of Ukraine’s Failed Counter Offensive: Part 2

Despite knowing the poor performance of the White House and the Department of Defense, a two-part series in the Washington Post shockingly reveals the extent of it. Part two of this series described the ground situations in Ukraine and the drawbacks of the U.S. military planning in Ukraine’s counteroffensive. The Ukrainian soldiers appeared unprepared against the Russian forces who dealt them heavy losses.

According to part two of the series, the U.S. and Ukrainian commanders designed an unrealistic plan of attack for Ukraine’s counteroffensive. These attacks, equipped with Western arms, faced the deplorable failure due to their lack of experience in combat. Ukraine’s efforts to breach Russian defenses led to thousands of dead and wounded and the destruction of expensive Western military equipment.

The U.S. commanders advised the Ukrainians to use ground reconnaissance units and reduce dependence on drones, ignoring the dangerous reality of soldiers getting shelled with artillery, mortar attacks, and drone assaults. The reporters continue to push the lie that Russia relied on human wave assaults, without any credible evidence to support this narrative.

Part 2 of the report indicated that Ukrainian military leaders understood their lack of necessary air power and weapons for a combined arms strategy to succeed. However, U.S. officials pressed their point, urging the Ukrainians to mass forces at a single point to move quickly and decisively.

The series reveals U.S. military malpractice in training inexperienced Ukrainian soldiers, creating unsustainable demands that led to the disastrous outcome in the counteroffensive. This arrogant and hubris-style planning proved fatal for the Ukrainian soldiers, who had been tasked with the impossible mission of breaching fortified defensive positions without airpower.

The report highlighted a lack of judgment and strategic military planning on the part of the U.S and Ukrainian commanders, whose actions led to the loss of many lives and billions in Western military aid to Ukraine. The narrative presented by the Washington Post found phone evidence to support it.


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