Iowa’s Caitlin Clark Makes NCAA History with 3,000 Points, 750 Rebounds, and 750 Assists in Latest Win Over ISU – VIDEO

Des Moines, Iowa’s Caitlin Clark made history on Wednesday night during a game with the Hawkeye women’s basketball team. The 20-year-old basketball sensation hit her 3,000th point, joining an elite group of only 15 other female players who have achieved this milestone in NCAA history. Not only is Clark a scoring powerhouse, but she also boasts an impressive 750 rebounds and 750 assists to her name, putting her in a league of her own.

Clark’s ability to shoot from long range has earned her the reputation of being able to “throw BOMBS.” Videos of her making shots from deep beyond the three-point line have gone viral, showcasing her remarkable talent and precision on the court. Her exceptional skills have attracted a devoted fan base, with the Iowa women’s basketball team selling out all of their home games, and fans traveling to away games just to see Clark in action.

Wherever Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes play, attendance records at stadiums are being broken, as spectators gather to witness the basketball phenomenon in person. And once you witness Clark effortlessly tossing up shots from near the half-court line, her nickname as a “household name” will make perfect sense. But the most astonishing aspect of Clark’s record-breaking achievement is that she is still eligible to play for another season, leading to even more excitement and anticipation for her future accomplishments.

In a recent game, Clark showcased her exceptional talent by scoring 35 points, grabbing 9 rebounds, and dishing out 5 assists, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with on the court. With her remarkable performance and record-breaking achievement, Caitlin Clark has become a shining star in the world of college basketball, captivating audiences with her phenomenal skill set and redefining what it means to be a true basketball sensation.


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