Iran Claims Responsibility for Retaliation Attack on Oct. 7, Dubbed “Hamassacre” in Response to Suleimani Killing

The October 7 Hamas Massacre, which took the lives of many innocent civilians, has been claimed as a response to the targeted killing of Iran’s terror chief, Qassem Soleimani, by the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. The group alleged that the attack was carried out in retaliation for Soleimani’s assassination by the U.S. and Israel. However, Hamas has denied these claims, stating that their actions were in response to the ongoing aggression and occupation by the Zionists.

Despite Iran’s assertions, Hamas has maintained that their motives for the attack were driven by the threat to Al Aqsa Mosque and the continuous aggression against their people and holy sites by the Zionists. It was reported that leading up to the massacre, as many as 500 individuals associated with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad received specialized combat training in the Islamic Republic. The training was believed to have taken place in September.

It is worth mentioning that Iran is known to support various terror organizations, including Hamas, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Houthi militia in Yemen. The latter has been posing a threat to commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Reports have also emerged of Hezbollah training Hamas terrorists to paraglide in Lebanon, further highlighting Iran’s extensive support for terror groups.

The plan for the Hamas attack was reportedly orchestrated by the late Iranian terrorist chief Qassem Soleimani, who was eliminated by President Donald Trump in January 2020 due to his involvement in attacks on U.S. military personnel in Iraq. It has been revealed that the Biden administration provided substantial sanctions relief to Iran, amounting to up to $50 billion, thereby enabling Tehran to fund terror campaigns globally.

These revelations shed light on the intricate web of terror proxies established by Iran, and the support provided to various terror organizations. The repercussions of this support have been felt by innocent civilians, as evidenced by the tragic events surrounding the Hamas massacre. It is imperative for the international community to address and combat the funding and support of such terrorist activities, in order to prevent further loss of life and instability in the region.


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