J6er Jake Lang’s Court Date Delayed Until September 2024 – Almost 4 Years Since Arrest

In the news back in September 2023, on day 974 of Jake Lang’s incarceration as a January 6 Political Prisoner without a trial, he was dealt a devastating blow in court. His October trial has been canceled, and he will be held indefinitely in the DC Gulag.

Federal Judge Carl Nichols made the decision not to grant Mr. Lang bond once again, despite being a 28-year-old man with no prior criminal history. Instead, he will be held inside the Washington DC Gulag Jail indefinitely until the Supreme Court decides his recent case filing – which could potentially take another 3 years.

Last week, the Supreme Court announced they will hear Fischer vs. United States, a lawsuit questioning the unconstitutional 1512(c)(2) charges used by the Biden Department of Justice against January 6 protesters who came to Washington DC to protest the 2020 election.

The case involves Jake Lang, Garret Miller, and Joseph Fischer, who are all involved in legal proceedings related to the events of January 6.

As reported earlier by The Gateway Pundit, two of three judges on the appellate panel ruled against U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols, reinstating the felony obstruction charge against Lang and two others involved in the January 6 events.

Jake Lang, who is charged with multiple felonies, filed a petition to the United States Supreme Court, asking that the 1512 felony obstruction charge be dismissed. The Supreme Court has now agreed to hear the case.

On Wednesday, Jake Lang called The Gateway Pundit to share the news that the government has pushed his court case back to September 2024. This means he will be held for 3 years and 9 months in prison before his day in court.

Jake Lang described the situation as abuse, stating it is something you would expect to see in a banana republic, not the United States of America.

Patrick Byrne’s Pledge to Match $500,000 in Donations to Jan 6ers EXTENDED by 1 week!!

The season of giving is opening up new doors for the January 6 political prisoners. Since former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne announced his $500,000 matching donation pledge to the J6Legal.org January 6 Legal Fund, the support has been pouring in!

But the fund must reach $500,000 by Christmas Day for Patrick’s pledge to activate. They are currently $125,000 away from the goal. Donations are needed to help the Jan 6 political prisoners and their families this Christmas.

Jake Lang and Patrick Byrne also announced that the $500,000 donation will be split between two Jan 6 community organizations, the J6Legal.org Fund and Stand in the Gap Foundation.

They are urging people to donate to help support the Jan 6 political prisoners this Christmas and to assist them in their legal battles against the Biden DOJ.


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