Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Reunite with Kids Amid Divorce Rumors

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reunited with their kids amidst rumors of divorce. The couple was photographed together for the first time in more than a month, putting rumors of Bennifer’s breakup to rest, at least temporarily. Along with the couple, their kids were also reunited for a family outing.

The world has been obsessed with the thought that their marriage, which took two decades to finally happen, was over. The stars’ busy work schedules have kept them apart for over a month. There were photos of both of them looking at properties without their spouses, adding fuel to the fire of rumors and fear.

To quell those fears, the couple had a family outing, and the photos were obtained by Page Six. The photos showed Ben driving his SUV on May 16, pulling over to pick up Jennifer and her daughter, Emme. The destination of the outing was Affleck’s 15-year-old daughter, Seraphina’s, school play.

The photos show the pair standing together, presumably to see the play. Ben opens the car door for Jen, and she flashes a smile at the camera, while Ben looks nonchalant, seemingly treating it like just another night with the family. But, it isn’t that simple when the whole world is waiting to hear if their marriage is over.

Despite rumors circulating that the couple is heading for a divorce, they both continue to wear their wedding rings when photographed solo. Multiple reports suggested that the couple is experiencing marriage issues, but the photos of them together with their kids show that they are still a family, at least for now.

One never knows what to believe when it comes to the love lives of celebrities. Time will tell whether the couple works through their issues or ends the relationship. If they end up divorcing, it would be difficult to keep the kids close like they did in the photos, which were taken outside their school.

In the meantime, Bennifer fans can breathe a sigh of relief, seeing the couple reunited amidst all the negativity and rumors. As far as the couple’s relationship status is concerned, it remains to be seen whether this family reunion will help keep them together or if divorce is inevitable. However, Bennifer remains a beloved couple in the world of entertainment, and their fans are hoping for the best for them


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