Jewish Expert Separates Palestine as a Political Football from Hamas’s Evil Intent

In the ongoing war in Israel, a Jewish expert is attributing the actions of protesters for Palestine to an inability to separate the political past of Palestine from the genocidal motives of Hamas. Rabbi Steve Leder explained that many people are treating these two separate issues as a single challenge, creating more division. Despite the complexities of the issue, Rabbi Leder made it clear that there is a distinct difference.

Most Hollywood celebrities have been particularly vocal about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Some have expressed their support for Palestine, while others have expressed solidarity with Israel and condemnation of the terrorist actions of Hamas. A large number of celebrities have been punished for their opinions regarding the conflict, regardless of which side they support, in the form of losing social media followers. Generation Z has been the most likely to unfollow celebrities over their comments regarding the conflict.

Veteran actor Jon Voight has publicly expressed his undying support for Israel and criticized his daughter Angelina Jolie and others for demanding an immediate ceasefire. Other celebrities who have voiced support for Israel include Gal Gadot, Jerry Seinfeld, Kris Jenner, Julia Garner, Sofia Richie, Sara Michelle Gellar, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Mandy Moore. Madonna and Kim Kardashian have also made their opinions on the matter known on social media.

There have also been many celebrities who have voiced support for Palestine. Actress Susan Sarandon recently attended the national march for Palestine in Washington, supporting the Palestinian Feminist Collective. In the past, she has stood behind Palestinian-American supermodel Bella Hadid in her statements against Israel. There are also several other celebrities, including Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, and Joaquin Phoenix, who have publicly demanded a ceasefire and emphasized the suffering of Palestinians without mentioning Hamas.

Hollywood’s support for both sides of the conflict has had an impact, with many Americans taking a strong stance in favor or against celebrities’ support for Palestine or Israel. The conflict has taken a toll, particularly among the younger generation who are the most likely to unfollow a celebrity over their comments on the conflict. The dispute has sparked a wave of divisiveness among Hollywood’s A-list, leaving the public to form strong opinions on a deeply complex geopolitical conflict.


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