Jon Voight Acknowledges Ignorance of Daughter’s Actions and Supports Calls for Ceasefire

Renowned actor Jon Voight made headlines on Friday when he publicly aired his disappointment in his daughter, actress Angelina Jolie, and others who are calling for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. In a heartfelt post on the social media platform X, Voight lamented his daughter’s lack of understanding of God’s honor and truths, accusing her and others of attempting to destroy the history of God’s land and the land of the Jews.

In a post titled “Truth and Lies,” Voight expressed his frustration with those who are advocating for peace in the region, asserting that the Israeli Army must protect the land and its people at all costs. He condemned the left’s viewpoint on the conflict, stressing that it cannot be approached with civility. Voight emphasized the severity of the situation, highlighting the inhumane terror inflicted upon innocent civilians in Israel by their attackers.

The actor did not mince words, labeling those critical of Israel as “fools” and calling on them to reflect on their own beliefs and values. He urged them to question whether they are being misled and to seek the truths from God. Voight also made a passionate plea for empathy, emphasizing the dire consequences of the conflict and the attackers’ desire to wipe out Jews and Christians.

Voight’s public condemnation of his daughter and others who support a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict has sparked widespread debate and controversy. Many have taken to social media to express their support or opposition to his views, further igniting the already contentious discourse surrounding the conflict.

While some have applauded Voight’s unwavering support for Israel and his passionate defense of God’s land, others have accused him of taking an extreme stance and perpetuating divisiveness. The actor’s remarks have reignited discussions about the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict and the challenges of finding a peaceful resolution.

As the conflict continues to escalate, with no immediate end in sight, voices on all sides of the issue are growing louder and more vehement. Jon Voight’s public rebuke of his own daughter and his impassioned defense of Israel has added a new layer of complexity to an already tumultuous and deeply entrenched conflict, further underscoring the challenges of finding a path to peace in the region.


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