Joy Behar’s Controversial Remarks About Trump and the Colorado Ballot Stir Up Debate

Joy Behar, co-host of ‘The View’, has received a lot of criticism after suggesting that President Joe Biden may lose the 2024 election if former President Donald Trump is not legally barred from running. Behar’s controversial comments came in response to a tweet by former presidential candidate and Congressman Joe Walsh, who expressed doubts about using the 14th Amendment to prevent Trump from running again.

Walsh predicted that the Colorado Supreme Court decision to keep Trump off the ballot would only strengthen his political position and emphasized that the best way to defeat Trump is through the ballot box. Behar disagreed with this sentiment, arguing that third-party candidates and the electoral college would hinder Biden, and that the law must be used to defeat Trump.

Following Behar’s tweet, social media erupted with criticisms and sarcastic responses, with many pointing out the irony of Behar’s supposed defense of democracy while seeking to limit the choices available to voters. The backlash highlighted the growing divide in the country and the polarization of political views.

It is not surprising that Behar, a known critic of Trump, would take such a stance. Her comments reflect the wider sentiment on the left, where many are calling for legal action to prevent Trump from running again. This strategy has been met with opposition and skepticism, as evidenced by the responses to Behar’s tweet, which suggest that such tactics might only further drive voters into the arms of Trump.

Behar’s position and the subsequent backlash illustrate the deep divisions in the country and the extent to which political issues have become polarized. The debate over Trump’s potential candidacy in 2024 is likely to intensify in the coming months, as both sides dig in and vie for advantage.

In summary, Joy Behar calling for the use of the law to prevent Trump from running again has sparked heated debate on social media, highlighting the deep divisions in the country and the polarized views on the issue. As the 2024 election looms, the debate over Trump’s potential candidacy is expected to become even more contentious.


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