Julia Stiles Surprises ‘SNL’ Audience with ‘Save the Last Dance’ Routine Featuring Chloe Fineman

Chloe Fineman made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” to promote the 2001 film Save the Last Dance. The SNL cast member strutted out on stage wearing a red Christmas robe and an all-black outfit to present “intimate gift ideas” for the holidays.

She declared that the sexiest gift one can give this season is recreating Julia Stiles’ dance from the end of Save the Last Dance. Fineman then proceeded to showcase the exact dance routine from the movie, narrating the film’s plot while dancing, with Michael Che munching on popcorn as Colin Jost looked on.

The surprise intensified when Julia Stiles herself appeared on the stage to join Fineman’s performance, leading to an ecstatic response from the crowd. Together, they flawlessly executed the choreography, ending it with a fist-bump and applause from the audience.

In 2021, ET celebrated the 20th anniversary of Save the Last Dance by reuniting Stiles with her co-star, Sean Patrick Thomas, where they reminisced about their time on the beloved film. Stiles expressed her only regret about the film, which was missing out on the clubbing experience due to her commitment to ballet rehearsals.

Stiles recalled how her co-star Thomas and the rest of the cast would go out clubbing in Chicago during pre-production and she would decline the invitations because of her ballet rehearsals. She regretted missing out on that experience, to which Thomas lightheartedly responded that she indeed missed out on a good time.

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As Chloe Fineman continues to showcase her versatility on and off the screen, her spirited performance on the “Weekend Update” of Saturday Night Live certainly added a unique twist to traditional promotions. Her surprise collaboration with Julia Stiles left the audience cheering and applauding, enhancing the overall entertainment experience on the show.

Furthermore, the reunion of Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their iconic film Save the Last Dance brought a wave of nostalgia to fans who hold the movie dear to their hearts. Stiles’ candid confession about her regret regarding the missed clubbing experience during the film’s production added depth to the shared memories of the cast and crew.

The unexpected and heartwarming moments created during the SNL episode serve as a testament to the enduring impact of Save the Last Dance and its ability to bring people together. As the holiday season approaches, the film’s dance sequence continues to be a source of inspiration and joy, evident from Chloe Fineman’s lively portrayal and enthusiastic endorsement on national television.

Moving forward, the legacy of Save the Last Dance remains deeply ingrained in popular culture, with its timeless themes and vibrant energy resonating with audiences of all ages. The surprise collaboration between Chloe Fineman and Julia Stiles only reinforces the film’s lasting influence, as they brought the iconic dance sequence to life once again, capturing the hearts of fans and creating an unforgettable moment in television history.


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