Karine Jean-Pierre Fails to Specify Biden’s Border Security Policy During Invasion (VIDEO)

The Biden administration is facing criticism for its handling of the border crisis as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre struggled to articulate a single policy to secure the border. With December on track to be a record month for illegal border crossings, Customs and Border Protection predicts that more than 300,000 illegal immigrants will likely enter the US, mainly military-age men from Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

A video from Eagle Pass, TX shows a mass of thousands of migrants waiting to be processed by Border Patrol after crossing illegally. The situation is alarming, with more than 12,000 illegal immigrants pouring over the border every day. Despite the unprecedented invasion, the Biden administration has been accused of doing nothing to stop it.

During a press briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre downplayed the crisis, stating that “It ebbs and flows…the president has taken this very seriously!” However, critics argue that the administration’s response has been inadequate, with no clear policy to address the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants.

When questioned about the administration’s immigration policy, KJP was unable to provide a concrete answer, raising concerns about the lack of a comprehensive strategy to secure the border. This has sparked frustration among the American people, who are demanding decisive action from the Biden administration to address the crisis.

The influx of illegal immigrants is not only a humanitarian concern but also a national security issue. The surge in border crossings, especially by military-age men, has raised alarms about potential threats and criminal activities. There is a growing sense of urgency for the administration to take immediate and effective measures to secure the border and prevent further illegal immigration.

As the situation at the border continues to escalate, the Biden administration faces mounting pressure to address the crisis and implement concrete policies to stem the influx of illegal immigrants. The lack of a clear and effective strategy has sparked criticism and skepticism about the administration’s ability to handle the border crisis.

With no end in sight to the unprecedented invasion, the Biden administration must prioritize border security and work with lawmakers to develop and implement viable solutions. The American people are looking to their leaders for decisive action and comprehensive policies to address the border crisis and ensure the safety and security of the nation.


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