Leader of Japanese IT Giant LY Urges Faster Self-Regulation for Internet Privacy Concerns

In a meeting held on Tuesday in Tokyo, LY Corp. Chairperson, Kentaro Kawabe, emphasized the urgency of increasing self-regulation of information on the internet to protect privacy. The meeting was part of a suprapartisan group’s efforts to propose policies aimed at ensuring people’s privacy on the internet.

During the general meeting, Kawabe highlighted the growing social issue of privacy violations as the distribution channels of information on the internet continue to evolve and expand. “Accelerating self-regulation is necessary,” he stated, underscoring the importance of taking proactive measures to address the problem.

The meeting focused on the joint efforts by The Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings and LY to promote respect for privacy. Kawabe explained the significance of self-regulation and highlighted the disarray among internet companies when it comes to addressing privacy issues.

In October, The Yomiuri Shimbun and LY issued a joint statement outlining their commitment to implementing measures aimed at preventing privacy violations in articles and social media. This move is expected to contribute to improving the overall health of the internet space.

Kawabe also outlined specific measures that LY Corp. will be taking to uphold privacy standards. These measures include refraining from publishing articles on Yahoo News’ home page if the content or news-gathering methods are deemed insufficient in terms of privacy considerations.

Addressing the challenges associated with expanding self-regulation, Kawabe acknowledged that there are significant differences in how businesses view the issue. He pointed out that businesses that profit from private information may have varying perspectives on privacy compared to those that do not rely on such practices.

In conclusion, the call for accelerated self-regulation of online privacy by LY Corp. Chairperson Kentaro Kawabe underscores the growing need to address privacy violations on the internet. As internet companies continue to expand their influence, efforts to promote respect for privacy and implement proactive measures are essential in safeguarding individuals’ online privacy.


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