Legal Team Seeks Supreme Court Review of State COVID Mandates

The American Freedom Law Center has taken a bold step in challenging state COVID mandates that they believe violate the constitutional rights of residents. The organization has filed a petition urging the Supreme Court to overturn a decision by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a case that dates back to 2020.

In this case, four Pennsylvania residents objected to what they described as an “Orwellian contact tracing program and mandate to wear masks,” arguing that these restrictions infringe on their fundamental constitutional rights. The AFLC’s petition stated that the COVID-19 pandemic created a constitutional crisis, with citizens facing constantly changing orders that imposed burdens on their freedoms in unprecedented ways.

The petition further highlighted the failure of many courts to address this assault on liberty, citing the need for judicial supervision of government actions. The case was brought against the governor, attorney general, and secretary of health, and despite the court’s denial of a request for a preliminary injunction, the district court dismissed the lawsuit on grounds that the plaintiffs lacked standing to challenge the contact tracing program and that their challenge to the mask mandate was moot.

According to the AFLC, the Department of Health unilaterally rescinded the mask mandate in June 2021, eight months after the lawsuit was filed. The petition emphasized the importance of upholding constitutional rights even in times of crisis, noting that history will ultimately deem arguments in favor of violating the Constitution as “gravely wrong” and “having no place in law under the Constitution.”

The AFLC’s decision to seek Supreme Court intervention reflects the organization’s determination to hold government authorities accountable for measures taken during the pandemic. This move could have far-reaching implications for the interpretation of constitutional rights in the context of public health crises.

The petition’s arguments underscore the fundamental importance of balanced and judicious oversight of government actions, particularly when they encroach on individual liberties. As the legal battle over COVID mandates continues to unfold, the AFLC’s initiative represents a crucial effort to safeguard the constitutional rights of all citizens.

In light of the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society and governance, the Supreme Court’s response to the AFLC’s petition will be closely watched. The outcome of this legal challenge could set a precedent for future public health crises and the extent to which government measures can infringe on individual freedoms.

The American public’s understanding of its constitutional rights and the limits of government authority is at the center of this legal dispute, making it a matter of utmost significance. The Supreme Court’s eventual decision will not only have immediate implications for COVID mandates but also broader implications for the relationship between government power and individual liberty in the United States.


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