Mauricio Pochettino likens Chelsea job to a daunting challenge

Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea’s head coach, has likened his job to sitting in an electric chair, reflecting the pressure he’s under following the team’s disappointing run of form. After finishing 12th in the Premier League in the 2022/23 campaign, the Blues turned to Pochettino, but their fortunes have yet to improve under his leadership. Heading into the Saturday clash with Sheffield United at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea is still 12th in the standings and could potentially drop to 14th if results go against them.

During his pre-match press conference, Pochettino acknowledged the pressure on him to get Chelsea back on track, stating, “I am crazy – a little bit – all coaches are. We want to show we are normal people but we are not normal. That is why we are here. This is an electric chair!” These remarks come after Pochettino expressed the need for new players in the January transfer window and questioned Chelsea’s ‘reality’ following their loss at Everton.

Despite the challenges, Pochettino emphasized his trust in the club’s project, saying, “I am a person that always trusts and trusts until someone shows me I cannot trust anymore. But I trust, I trust. Of course, I also know that I need to deliver in the job, and of course, it’s not only you need to deliver, but also to get some results. I know how it is in football. I trust, I trust, I really trust. That is why I am here.”

Pochettino’s remarks suggest that he remains committed to Chelsea despite the ongoing struggles. He emphasized the importance of communication and trust within the club, stating, “The communication is the same from the beginning of the season when we were in pre-season to today. Of course, it is the same communication. But no words [are not important] in football. The most important thing is being here. If I am here, it is because [the owners] trust. If at any moment they stop trusting, don’t worry; you will not see me here.”

While there have been reports of Pochettino’s job being at risk, it has been indicated that his position is not immediately under threat despite Chelsea’s recent downturn in form. This suggests that the club’s owners are still backing Pochettino to turn things around.

The pressure on Pochettino is undeniable as he navigates the challenges of leading Chelsea through a difficult period. His candid remarks and commitment to the club’s project underscore the complexity of his current position. As Pochettino continues to navigate the pressures of managing Chelsea, the team’s upcoming matches will be critical in determining the future trajectory of the club under his leadership.


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