Meghan Markle Faces Criticism for Coffee Commercial Appearance: ‘This is So …’

Meghan Markle Replaces Royal Duties with Coffee Advertisement

The British tabloid press has made much of the fact that Meghan Markle has returned to acting. She’s appeared in an Instagram commercial for the instant coffee brand Clevr Blends, but not in the capacities that either she or her fans had in mind.

In the ad, Meghan is cast as an eager intern working at the company’s headquarters. The spot features the brand’s CEO, Hanna Mendoza, giving a tour of the company’s facility, highlighting their team’s efforts but failing to notice Meghan, who’s seen toiling away in the background.

Social media’s reaction was mixed. Some praised Meghan’s willingness to take on a self-deprecating role, while others felt the need to roast Meghan.

Some of that hostility might be explained by the fact that Meghan’s ad comes at a very tense time for the royal family. She’s been accused of making racist comments to Meghan while she was pregnant with Prince Archie.

As a result, Meghan’s popularity in the UK has taken a hit, making her ad even more controversial than originally anticipated. Of course, her most rabid haters have demonstrated time and again that they don’t need a reason to go on the attack.

The Instagram post shows how she has supporters in her corner too, though. One person called Meghan the “new hire deserves a raise and bonus and benefits. She is a multitasking QUEEN.” Another simply stated, “The most hardworking person ever. Extend my love to her.” This ad only further cements her popularity, and although she may have stepped down as a senior member of the royal family, Meghan will always be queen to her millions of fans.


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