Millions of Californians Moved to Another Location in the State in 2022

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Californians were on the move in 2022, and while nearly 800,000 left the Golden State, more than 3.5 million relocated in state, according to recently released Census Bureau data.
One northern Californian said he moved from Oakland to Sacramento seeking more affordable housing.
“The cost of living in the Bay Area is astronomical. It’s insane,” business owner Luke Wang told The Epoch Times. “I moved to save money and have more space.”
After graduating college and starting a business in the Bay Area, he said the cost he was paying for rent in Oakland—$2,300 for a 350-square-foot apartment—was too high for his budget compared to what he could find in other cities—including the state capital, where he landed an 1,800 square foot home for $1,800 per month….


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