Multiple Brawls Erupt in Maryland High School in One Day, Following Principal’s Mysterious Leave

A series of violent altercations broke out at a Maryland high school this week, causing concern among students, parents, and the community. Charles Herbert Flowers High School in Prince George’s County, near Washington, DC, was the scene of almost a dozen fights on Tuesday. This troubling news comes after the school’s principal, Dr. Gorman Brown, was mysteriously put on administrative leave a few months ago.

Footage captured by Fox 5 DC shows some of the brawls that erupted at the high school. The fights have raised questions about the security and supervision at the school. It is unclear whether any students sustained injuries during the altercations.

Assistant Principal Deidre Smalls-Screw addressed the incidents in a statement to school staff and parents. She emphasized that the safety of students and staff is the top priority for the school administration. Counseling support is being offered to students to help them develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills. The administration is working to ensure a safe and respectful environment at the school.

A concerned parent, Agnes Kallon, expressed distress over the violent incidents at the school, fearing for the safety of her child. She worries about the potential for serious harm and urges the school to take action to prevent future altercations.

The fights have left the community reeling and prompted calls for increased security measures at the high school. Parents, students, and local residents are urging authorities to investigate the causes of the violence and take steps to ensure the well-being of everyone at the school.

The situation remains under investigation, and anyone with information about the fights is encouraged to contact the authorities. The incidents have sparked a conversation about the need for a safer and more secure environment within the school, with many calling for the swift resolution of the issues that led to the altercations.

Overall, the violent episodes at Charles Herbert Flowers High School have raised serious concerns about safety and security within the school. The community is eagerly awaiting a resolution to this unsettling situation and a return to a peaceful and supportive learning environment for all students.


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