Tragic Accident: Workers Killed as Bridge Girder Falls in Shizuoka Construction Site

A construction site in central Japan turned into a scene of tragedy as a bridge girder slipped off a raised platform, resulting in the deaths of two workers. The incident occurred in Shizuoka Prefecture during the early hours of Thursday. In addition to the fatalities, two workers sustained serious injuries, while seven others were also taken to the hospital.

Investigation Underway

Local authorities are currently investigating the incident, with the possibility of charging those responsible with professional negligence leading to death. The accident took place at around 3:10 a.m. as approximately 20 workers were involved in the construction of a multi-level bypass. The bridge girder, weighing around 140 tons and measuring 65 meters in length, slipped from a height of approximately 9 meters.

Workers’ Shift in Position

According to the Shizuoka National Highway Office, the employees were in the process of repositioning the steel frame when the tragic incident unfolded. The sudden slip caused devastation, resulting in fatalities and injuries. The victims’ ages range from their 50s to their 70s, highlighting the impact on workers of varying experience levels.

Authorities and Company Respond

The police and firefighting departments immediately responded to the scene, coordinating rescue efforts and providing medical assistance to the injured. Namura Shipbuilding Co, a member of the consortium overseeing the construction work, expressed deep regret and concern over the incident. The company pledged to cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.

Safety and Future Plans

The construction project involved the installation of an elevated bypass aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in the area, according to the highway office. However, this tragic accident highlights the importance of ensuring strict safety measures and protocols at construction sites. Authorities are committed to thoroughly examining the circumstances surrounding the incident and taking necessary actions to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Moving Forward

As investigations continue, the loss of two lives serves as a somber reminder of the inherent risks faced by workers in the construction industry. The focus now turns to providing support and condolences to the families of the deceased, as well as the injured workers who are currently receiving medical treatment. Efforts to enhance safety measures within the construction sector will be crucial in preventing such devastating incidents and protecting the lives of workers involved in vital infrastructure projects.



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