New Core Ultra Processors Accelerate AI Tasks and Conserve Battery Life

Intel has spent a great deal of time behind the scenes designing and developing its latest generation of chips. Meteor Lake is the latest architectural development they’ve announced, now under the new title of Core Ultra. These chips offer cutting-edge AI acceleration capabilities, but it remains to be seen if Intel can compete with other chip giants like AMD and Qualcomm. This new development could be a game-changer for software makers. AMD’s XDNA in comparison performs at 39 TOPS, attributing 16 TOPS to the NPU and the remainder to the CPU and GPU. In comparison, Intel’s Ultra 7 165H chip offers roughly up to 34 TOPS — 11 TOPS for the NPU, 18 TOPS for the GPU and the rest for the CPU. NPUs are not the only carry AI workload in the new chips — NPUs only carry a small part of the AI workload and there are no consistent methods of implementing it, which makes it even more challenging in the AI software landscape. The company’s latest chips are on their way to shipping in a range of new laptops, and are set to appear at CES next year with a variety of new and refreshed laptop models. These models will include new Acer and Predator laptops. These new chips offer a novel class of performance for Intel, combining speed and AI-driven acceleration. Ultra chips bring improved power efficiency to laptops and an expanded use of Intel’s integrated graphics. At present, these are still trailing a little behind MacBooks. The new H series will also take advantage of Intel’s latest generation of Arc graphics. Intel aims to integrate its new series into laptops to bring more power efficiency and performance. Features include support for Wi-Fi 6E and the introduction of Wi-Fi 7 at launch. “We’re already working on reviewing the Acer Swift Go, so stay tuned for updates,” says Intel.


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