New Foundation Established in Memory of ‘Friends’ Actor Matthew Perry to Aid Those Battling Addiction

The legacy of the late actor Matthew Perry, known for his role as Chandler Bing on the hit TV show “Friends,” will live on through the newly established Matthew Perry Foundation. The foundation, established less than a week after Perry’s death, aims to assist individuals dealing with addiction.

The decision to create the foundation was made “In the spirit of Matthew Perry’s enduring commitment to helping others struggling with the disease of addiction,” as stated in an inaugural announcement issued on Friday. The foundation seeks to honor Perry’s legacy by drawing inspiration from his own words and experiences, and by carrying forward his passion for making a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

Throughout his career, Perry was candid about his personal battles with drug and alcohol addiction. He often used his platform to raise awareness and advocate for those facing similar struggles. Perry’s open and honest discussions about addiction have inspired many, and the foundation aims to continue his work in this area.

The Matthew Perry Foundation is now accepting donations from those who wish to contribute to its mission. The foundation seeks to build on Perry’s desire to be remembered as someone who made a difference in the lives of individuals dealing with substance abuse, showcasing his commitment to this cause, which often outweighed his celebrated status as a sitcom star.

Perry’s passing has prompted an outpouring of support from both fans and fellow celebrities, many of whom have publicly shared memories and reflections on the impact Perry had on their lives. The establishment of the foundation is seen as a way to carry his legacy forward and continue the work that meant so much to him.

The foundation’s focus on helping those struggling with addiction is particularly resonant in light of ongoing discussions about mental health and substance abuse in society. By creating an avenue for individuals to contribute to this cause, the Matthew Perry Foundation aims to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by these issues.

As the foundation begins its journey, the impact of Matthew Perry’s influence on the lives of many is evident. His commitment to supporting others in their battles with addiction will continue to be felt through the work of the foundation, providing hope and assistance to those who need it most. Through the establishment of the Matthew Perry Foundation, his legacy will carry on, serving as a source of inspiration and support for individuals dealing with addiction for years to come.


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