Nice defender warns Man Utd about potential transfer mistakes made by Sir Jim Ratcliffe

OGC Nice captain Dante has re-emerged with criticism of Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s ownership of the Ligue 1 club after Ratcliffe’s company, INEOS, purchased a 25% stake in Manchester United for $33 per share. This also comes after Dante gave an interview with L’Equipe, where he expressed his concerns over the way INEOS has managed the Nice “project” since Ratcliffe purchased the club in 2019.

While fans of Manchester United are celebrating Ratcliffe’s minority takeover of the club as it will lessen the influence of the Glazer family, Dante’s comments from his interview with L’Equipe may temper expectations regarding Ratcliffe’s ownership. As the current captain of Nice, Dante is in a unique position to comment on the way INEOS has managed the club and the impact it has had on the team’s progress in recent years.

Dante specifically criticized the high turnover of players at Nice, citing the significant number of transfer incomings and outgoings as a hindrance to the club’s progress. He expressed the need for clear communication and a more focused approach to building a competitive team, rather than publicly setting ambitious objectives and creating unrealistic expectations among the fans and players.

The Brazilian defender highlighted the challenges of building a cohesive team in Ligue 1, especially in the face of constant changes in the squad due to numerous arrivals and departures each transfer window. He emphasized the importance of organizational values and coherent, long-term planning to achieve sustained success in the competitive league and called for more strategic decisions in player recruitment and team building.

Dante’s remarks suggest a lack of satisfaction with the management approach taken by INEOS since taking over Nice, indicating a disconnect between the club’s ownership and the on-field operations. He expressed disappointment with the lack of coherence in the club’s approach and the need for a more organized and anticipatory strategy to achieve the desired level of success in Ligue 1.

In summary, Dante’s critical comments about INEOS’ ownership of OGC Nice serve as a reminder of the challenges that lie ahead for Sir Jim Ratcliffe as he expands his influence in the football world with the acquisition of a stake in Manchester United. The public airing of such concerns from a club captain underscores the importance of effective management and a cohesive vision for long-term success in the sport, regardless of the magnitude of ownership stakes.


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