Nicole Nogrady’s New Single “Modern Day Holy War” Makes Debut on the War Room with Steve Bannon

Nicole Nogrady, a popular singer and actress, made a special appearance on The War Room to debut her latest single and music video, “Modern Day Holy War.” The talented artist, best known for her role in The College Life, explained that the inspiration for the song came after the devastating fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. The music video, a collaboration with Max Evans of Ultra MAGA Party, touches on various current geopolitical topics and features scenes from the film “Sound of Freedom” and a tribute to President Donald Trump.

The debut of Nogrady’s single and music video on The War Room was met with great excitement and anticipation from fans and music enthusiasts. In the music video, Nogrady’s artistic talent is on full display, showcasing her unique and captivating style. The collaboration with Max Evans further adds depth and relevance to the visuals, as they delve into significant political and social issues.

Nogrady’s appearance on The War Room was accompanied by an engaging interview with host Steve Bannon, who has long been recognized for his thought-provoking discussions and in-depth conversations with guests. The interview provided a platform for Nogrady to share her insights and creative process behind “Modern Day Holy War,” offering fans a deeper understanding of the song’s inspiration and message.

Fans and viewers were treated to a visually stunning and thematically rich music video, which reflected Nogrady’s artistic vision and the collaborative effort with Max Evans. The video’s incorporation of scenes from “Sound of Freedom” and references to President Donald Trump added a layer of depth and resonance, aligning with the song’s exploration of contemporary geopolitical issues.

Overall, Nogrady’s debut on The War Room was a testament to her versatility and creative prowess as a singer and actress. The collaboration with Max Evans and the thought-provoking themes depicted in the music video further solidified Nogrady’s position as an artist with a unique and compelling voice in the music industry. As “Modern Day Holy War” continues to gain traction and acclaim, Nogrady’s appearance on The War Room served as a pivotal moment in her career, further establishing her as an artist to watch.


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