Osaka Expo Costs for Japan Government to Reach ¥164 Billion

The Japanese government is preparing to spend a whopping ¥164.7 billion on expenses directly related to the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka, according to government sources. These expenses will cover construction costs for the Expo venue and the Japan Pavilion. The overall picture of Expo costs, including the government expenses, will be disclosed in the near future.

In addition to the government expenses, it has been revealed that a total of ¥9.7 trillion will be spent by the central government, related local governments, and the private sector on infrastructure development around the venue in the western city. This massive investment underscores the scale of the preparations being made for the upcoming World Exposition.

Of the ¥164.7 billion in state expenses, ¥78.3 billion will be the central government’s share in the venue construction costs. This amount is set to be split equally by the central government, the Osaka prefectural and city governments, and the business community. It has also been reported that around ¥36 billion will be used to build the Japan Pavilion, while ¥24 billion will be allocated to help developing countries make exhibits for the event.

Furthermore, ¥19.9 billion will be dedicated to conducting security in the venue, while ¥3.8 billion will be used to warm up the public for the Expo. Additionally, ¥2.7 billion will be spent to attract exhibitors to ensure a successful and engaging event for all participants.

The enormous infrastructure spending of ¥9.7 trillion will encompass a wide range of projects. This includes an extension of Osaka Metro Co.’s Chuo Line, construction of roads for Expo shuttle bus operations, and work to improve the earthquake resistance of river banks and coastal facilities. This massive investment is expected to transform the local infrastructure and create a lasting legacy for the city of Osaka.

Furthermore, Expo-related projects planned by central government agencies, including a flying vehicle demonstration project at the venue, are expected to cost ¥3.4 trillion. This highlights the ambitious and innovative nature of the preparations being made for the 2025 World Exposition.

The extensive investment being made by the Japanese government, related local governments, and the private sector underscores the importance of the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka. With significant expenses being allocated to both the construction of the Expo venue and infrastructure development, it is clear that the event is being viewed as a major opportunity to showcase Japan’s capabilities and drive economic growth in the region. As the preparations continue to unfold, all eyes will be on Osaka as it gears up to host this globally significant event.


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