Pharma Company Executives Caught on Leaked Zoom Call Discussing Discriminatory Hiring Practices, “One in Five Hires NEEDS to be a Black Employee”

In a bombshell leak, O’Keefe Media Group has uncovered a Zoom call in which high-level executives from pharmaceutical giant Sanofi openly discussed implementing discriminatory hiring practices. The leaked video, released on Thursday evening, features Carole Huntsman, the former Senior VP of Sanofi, stating that the company’s hiring goal includes a stipulation that one in five hires must be a black employee, and one in ten must be a Latinx employee.

Huntsman further elaborated that the company has quarterly hiring goals that track the number of minority employees being recruited. Bill Sibold, the former Executive VP & Global Head Specialty Care at Sanofi, admitted during the call that their aim is to “advance racial equity through public policy.” The leaked video has raised concerns about potential violations of title VII of the Civil Rights Act and has ignited widespread criticism.

The release of this incriminating video is the latest in a series of revelations by James O’Keefe, founder of O’Keefe Media Group, exposing systemic discrimination in corporate America. O’Keefe recently obtained an internal document from IBM’s Red Hat, which contained disparaging remarks about white people, and also released a video of IBM CEO Arvind Krishna admitting to using coercion to influence hiring decisions.

This latest revelation has reignited the conversation around racial equity and discrimination in the workplace, shedding light on the insidious nature of discriminatory hiring practices that continue to persist within major corporations. The leaked video from Sanofi has prompted calls for accountability and transparency in corporate hiring practices, with many urging companies to address the underlying systemic issues that perpetuate inequality in the workplace.

Critics argue that these revelations are indicative of a larger problem within corporate America, and highlight the need for greater oversight and regulation to combat discrimination in hiring. As the public continues to voice outrage over these discriminatory practices, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken by companies like Sanofi and IBM to address these serious concerns.

Notably, O’Keefe Media Group has positioned itself as a leading force in uncovering corporate malpractice and holding powerful entities accountable for their actions. With this latest expose, the conversation around racial equity in corporate hiring practices has gained significant traction, sparking renewed debate and calls for change within the business world. As the fallout from these revelations continues to unfold, it is clear that the issue of discrimination in the workplace remains a pressing and complex challenge that demands urgent attention and resolution.


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