Poll Shows that 50% of Americans Expect to Receive Social Security Benefits in Retirement

A new Gallup poll indicates that 50 percent of non-retiree Americans believe they will receive Social Security benefits when they retire, showing an improvement from previous decades. The share of non-retirees who do not think they will receive benefits has decreased over decades by over 44 percent. For retirees, 53 percent still believe they will receive full benefits even though some express concerns of reductions to their checks.

However, an earlier survey showed that three out of four Americans over 50 worry that Social Security will be depleted within their lifetime. The future of Social Security has been heavily debated and scrutinized, particularly during the 2024 presidential election cycle. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget projected that the Social Security trust fund is predicted to be depleted by 2033, leading to a 23 percent across-the-board cut for beneficiaries.

Some lawmakers have called for an adjustment to avoid the potential bankrupt of the Social Security system. For instance, Sen. Chuck Grassley said during a Committee hearing that bipartisanship is the only way to save it. However, this has served as a key talking point for the 2024 election campaign, with former President Donald Trump warning his fellow Republicans not to cut Social Security benefits. Further, President Joe Biden has vowed to fight against any Republican-led efforts to reduce Social Security payments.

While the future of Social Security becomes an inevitable topic of concern, the search for a solution will transform Social Security for current and future retirees. What it will look like in the next decade is still being debated by future presidential hopebeuls, such as Gov. Ron DeSantis and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. The fate of this vital U.S program is uncertain and remains a key issue for American citizens.


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