President Trump Criticizes Peekaboo James and Far Left Judge Engoron Before Attending Ongoing New York Trial (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

President Trump made a court appearance in New York City on Thursday, facing charges of business fraud brought by a corrupt and biased Attorney General. The Attorney General is accused of trying to sabotage the business community in New York City.

The case has no real victims, except for the Trump family. President Trump took out significant loans and repaid them with interest. However, the far-left AG is suing him for this and has fabricated numbers to bring the case to court, including an inflated estimate of Mar-a-Lago’s worth at $18 million. The entire case is considered a farce.

Last week, President Trump was put under a gag order, preventing him from defending himself during the trial. This situation is seen as a display of a banana republic and a fulfillment of the Marxist’s dream.

Despite the gag order, Trump ignored it and used Truth social to criticize the individuals involved in the case before leaving home.

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Upon his arrival, President Trump spoke with the left-wing press.

President Trump: Thank you very much, everybody. This is a witch hunt the likes of which probably nobody has ever seen. We put on a case that is absolutely 100%. There’s not a judge in the country that wouldn’t have given us a total victory. But there’s not a judge in the country that would have even taken this case. This is a witch hunt. It’s a very corrupt trial. Are you opening the data? We won this case at the Appellate Division. Most of it would cover about 90% of the case. We won this case at the Appellate Division and this judge refuses to acknowledge the Appellate Division. He said very specifically, we’re going forward because there’s something wrong here. We won this case.

Remember this! This case was won at the Appellate Division and the judge refuses to do what the Appellate Division demands he do. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this. When you win at the Appellate Division, at your High Court, the judge has to be bound by what their decision is. Well, we won at the appellate Division. Part of that victory was Ivanka not having to put herself through this, and they ruled that.

But the bigger part of it was that about 90% because of statute of limitations, about 90% of the case disappears. So remember this, we won the case at the Appellate Division and this judge refuses to acknowledge that victory or that demand. That’s very serious.

So we’re going in now. We have an expert witness, one of the great experts in the country, and I hope you’ll all be able to listen to him, but it’ll just be another day. Are you opening? If you look at the case, we did nothing wrong. There were no victims. The bank loves us. The bank testified they love us. We did absolutely nothing wrong. We never even defaulted. We never had a default letter sent to us. The bank said we were a perfect.


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