Pro-Hama Protesters Disrupt Children’s Santa Experience at Toronto Mall, Chanting “Jesus Was Palestinian” (Video)

A shocking incident took place at a Toronto shopping mall on Friday where a mob of pro-Hamas protesters terrorized children waiting to meet Santa Claus. The disturbing incident was captured in a viral video and reports of the protesters using a bullhorn to lead chants of the false claim “Jesus was a Palestinian.” The footage shared by Toronto member of parliament showed them banging a drum and creating chaos in the mall.

One of the viral video clips was captioned: “@areacode416ix pro #Hamas #Protests yesterday across 3 different malls in #Ontario (#BayshoreMall, #Yorkdale, & #Eaton Centre) – – We told you, it only starts with the #jews but never ends with just the Jews.” The longer version of the video showed the protesters marching through the shopping mall and targeting the children waiting to meet Santa.

Member of Parliament Kevin Vuong, representing Toronto’s Spadina-Fort York area, condemned the protests, stating in a tweet, “Two of Toronto’s malls were targeted yesterday. How does harassing families saying hi to Santa advance the cause for a just & durable peace in the Middle East? Your right to freedom of expression does not mean you can disrupt others. Have some respect for Canadians.”

The protests carry a larger significance beyond the issue of “Palestine”. An excerpt from an interview with a member of Students for Justice in Palestine suggests that the group operates on a Marxist front, with the aim of appealing to people who have limited knowledge and indoctrinating them into Marxism, as cited in the New Yorker.

The incident sparked outrage and concern among the public and officials who emphasized the need for peaceful expression and respect for traditions and everyday life. Such disruptive activities have no place in Canadian society, as they directly impact innocent families and children who were simply looking to enjoy the festive holiday season.

Despite the freedom of speech, it is essential to draw a line where it infringes on others’ rights and well-being. The disturbing incident at the shopping mall has led to a renewed conversation about the boundaries of activism, and whether such tactics are conducive to achieving tangible and constructive change. The condemnation of the protests from various quarters reflects the broader sentiment of disapproval and concern over the disruptive actions of the protesters.

As the incident continues to generate public attention and debate, it serves as a stark reminder of the need for peaceful and respectful activism that can bring about meaningful change without instilling fear, chaos, and distress in public spaces and among innocent bystanders. The need for dialogue and understanding in addressing complex issues is essential, and it is incumbent upon all stakeholders to uphold the principles of peaceful coexistence and conscientious activism.


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