Putin and Xi Jinping’s Friendship Sparks Concerns Over Global Impact

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping displayed their strong strategic partnership during their meeting in Beijing on May 17. The two leaders hugged twice in front of cameras, reaffirming their desire to challenge international rules and networks of alliances and partnerships that the United States enjoys. President Joe Biden’s national security spokesman, John Kirby, stated that there was nothing surprising to see between the two nations in terms of their ongoing relationship. Putin previously declared a “no limit” partnership that he reaffirmed with Xi during the meeting.

Putin’s visit was his first overseas trip since entering a new six-year term as President earlier this month. The move expands Putin’s rule to 24 years and puts him on track to become one of Russia’s longest-serving leaders. Reflecting the closeness between the two nations, Putin and Xi issued a 7,000-word joint statement on May 16. The statement highlights their shared interests, particularly facing U.S.-led pressure over Russia’s war against Ukraine and China’s aid to Moscow.

During their meeting, Xi initiated a hug with Putin, who hesitated for a few seconds before reciprocating the gesture. The two leaders shook hands again before Putin left in his state car, indicating their warm relationship despite limited history working together. Kirye brushed off the display of closeness, stating that the two leaders have a desire to develop their burgeoning relationship. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen previously spoke with Xi and French President Emmanuel Macron regarding the war in Ukraine, calling on Beijing to cease the supply of dual-use goods on the battlefield.

Chinese actions pose the most significant threat to European security in a long time, according to State Department spokesman Vedant Patel. Fueling the crisis in Ukraine doesn’t give China an opportunity to have their cake and eat it too. Both Russia and China appear to have a shared interest in challenging the United States’ global power and influence. White House officials are increasingly concerned about the two countries’ actions and hope that maintaining alliances and partnerships will minimize their impact. As the dynamic between the United States, Russia, and China continue to evolve, it may require the Biden administration to reassess its strategic posture and priorities


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