Rangers Marcus Semien and Cody Bradford visit children’s hospital

The newest addition to the Texas Rangers, Marcus Semien, and Cody Bradford, along with several Ranger members, visited the Memorial City Children’s Hospital in Dallas. Bradford expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to spread cheer and be a part of the community. According to Semien, lending a helping hand is essential and making kids happy during tough times is what his family always wants to do.

The entire team wore Rangers-themed Santa Claus hats and took pictures with patients alongside the Commissioner’s Trophy in the lobby. The group also dropped off gifts at various rooms in the hospital, met other patients and staff, and spread joy. Bradford, after an astonishing playoff run, expressed his hopes of bringing hope and joy to the lives of the kids in the hospital through their journey. Achieving unexpected success with the Rangers was an honor, and it was incredible to be recognized and appreciated by a child in the hospital, according to Bradford.

A notable addition to the Rangers, Marcus Semien, joined the club with a charitable mindset and an eagerness to contribute to the community. He and his family have actively participated in the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation and the Texas Rangers Youth Academy in West Dallas. Being able to bring happiness to kids and doing good for those in need holds significant importance to Semien and his family. Moreover, making new connections through acts of kindness has been quite meaningful to Semien since joining the club.

The previous MLB season saw Cody Bradford rising to prominence as an unexpected and impressive contributor to the World Series-winning Texas Rangers. He had a modest record during the regular season but outperformed himself in the postseason. The rookie played an instrumental role in the team’s victorious innings, aiming to inspire hope and joy in the children’s hospital through their journey.

Semien and Bradford, with their distinct pathways and prominent roles in the Texas Rangers, have come together to make a difference in their community. The two players have connected with Texas by building a community within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Their philanthropy and compassionate efforts have been welcomed and highly appreciated within the local community. The recent visit to the children’s hospital emphasized the positive impact that both Semien and Bradford, along with the Rangers, are aiming to achieve in the lives of children and their families during challenging times.

Their involvement and acts of kindness further signify the dedication of the Rangers and its members to support and uplift their community. The visit to the children’s hospital serves as a notable example of their commitment to spreading hope, joy, and happiness within the lives of those in need. With continued initiatives and community involvement, Semien, Bradford, and the Texas Rangers strive to create positive and lasting impacts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond.


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