Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Number of Illegal Aliens Entering US Under Joe Biden Surpasses Population of New Jersey

Rep. Jeff Van Drew appeared on FOX News’ Special Report on Tuesday evening following Christmas. The former Democrat lawmaker used the platform to address Joe Biden’s handling of the open border crisis. Van Drew conveyed to the FOX News audience that Biden has permitted more illegal aliens to enter the country through the open border than the entire population of his home state, New Jersey, which stands as the 11th most populated state in the union.

During his FOX News interview, Van Drew boldly stated, “I’m going to be, maybe some people think it’s bold but I’m telling the truth. This administration purposely wants to change the social structure and the fabric of the United States of America.” He emphasized the severity of the situation, warning against being misled by the administration’s actions, and urged Americans to be cognizant of the planned destruction of the United States of America. He expressed his hopes that citizens would awaken to the imminent threat to the nation’s borders before it’s too late.

Van Drew also addressed the issue of the open border crisis, reiterating that the current administration’s policies are contributing to a deliberate transformation of the social fabric of America. He called attention to the alarming rate at which illegal immigrants are being permitted into the country, surpassing the population of New Jersey. Van Drew’s statements serve as a call to action for Americans to recognize and respond to the potential consequences of such policies, which he believes could result in the destruction of the nation.

The former Democrat congressman’s comments on FOX News have sparked a discussion around the administration’s approach to immigration and its potential impact on the United States. By highlighting the significant influx of illegal aliens allowed into the country, Van Drew has raised concerns about the long-term ramifications of these policies. His passionate appeal for Americans to awaken to the threats facing the nation underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for decisive action.

In emphasizing the severity of the open border crisis, Van Drew sought to shed light on what he perceives as an intentional effort to dismantle the fundamental structure of the United States. He urged viewers to see through the facade and recognize the underlying agenda driving the administration’s immigration policies. His unequivocal stance on the matter underscores the urgency of addressing the open border crisis and safeguarding the nation’s borders from potential harm.

Van Drew’s appearance on FOX News serves as a platform for raising awareness about the pressing issues surrounding the open border crisis and the broader implications for the United States. A vocal advocate for confronting the challenges posed by current immigration policies, Van Drew’s words carry a sense of urgency and a call for action. As the nation grapples with the implications of its approach to immigration, his impassioned plea for awareness and action resonates as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding the country’s borders and upholding its traditional values.


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