Rep. Mike Collins’ Office Christmas Display Includes Controversial Hunter Biden Reference and a Stocking for His Daughter

The holiday season is in full swing on Capitol Hill, as members of Congress have taken the age-old tradition of office Christmas decorating to a whole new level. This year, Rep. Mike Collins of Georgia has gone above and beyond with his display, featuring a controversial figure – Hunter Biden – as the centerpiece.

Collins’ office in the Longworth House Office Building has become the talk of the town, as his Christmas display includes a cutout of Hunter Biden holding a sign that reads “Let it Snow.” The display doesn’t stop there, as it also features a stocking for Navy, Hunter Biden’s love child — the only grandchild not to have a stocking in the Biden White House.

The Longworth House Office Building has become a battleground for a new annual competition that started in 2019, with members of Congress engaging in a friendly competition to outdo each other with their holiday decorations. This year, the tradition has taken an unexpected turn, as Rep. Collins and others have used their displays to send political messages.

The aim of their decorations is to humorously poke fun at their opponents, with Collins’ decorations featuring a cutout of Mariah Carey saying, “All I Want for Christmas” is to pass 12 appropriations bills, a bag of coal for Hamas, and presents for Joe Biden’s pseudonyms Robert Peters and Robin Ware from Xi Jinping, snowflakes with the names of liberals on them, and Santa holding his “naughty list” that included Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

This festive competition is not limited to Collins alone, as Arizona Rep. Eli Crane has also used his decorations to send a message. His border-themed Christmas display has upset Democrat House staffers, featuring a snowy brick wall, cute little elves, snowflakes, and festive colored signs reading “BORDER PATROL ELVES ONLY” and “HAVE DOCUMENTS READY.”

The displays have sparked controversy and a heated debate among House staffers, with some expressing their displeasure at the politically charged themes. However, Rep. Crane has doubled down on the controversial decorations, stating that it is meant to highlight the issues of border security and the influx of drugs and criminals into the United States.

The Christmas decorating contest has taken on a new significance this year, as members of Congress use this age-old tradition as a platform to make political statements. It’s evident that the holiday spirit and the spirit of competition are alive and well on Capitol Hill, as representatives take a creative approach to showcasing their beliefs and opinions during this festive season.


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