Report: Kim Kardashian reporteldy horrified by North West’s desire to live with Kanye

The recent season of The Kardashians has shown Kim Kardashian’s struggles as a mother in the wake of her divorce from Kanye West. North West, who is clearly a very vibrant and creative child, has expressed interest in spending more time with her father. Kim Kardashian, however, finds the idea to be a complete nightmare, as she fears being left by her children in favor of their father.

The reality show, The Kardashians, has showcased several instances of Kim’s poignant moments as she opens up about North wanting to live full time with Kanye in his Los Angeles condo. This news has spread like wildfire and has many fans and viewers alike on the edge of their seats wondering what would happen.

Despite Kim’s issues with Kanye, her focus is centered on making North feel more comfortable and much more secure in this phase of her life. However, this does not mean Kim is willing to give up her lifestyle, as she is often seen defending herself and her decisions, and rightfully so.

However, Kim is not the only one who is struggling with feelings of abandonment. North’s expression of interest in living with Kanye full-time has understandably broken Kim’s heart. This has also intensified Kim’s fear further as sources close to the Kardashian family say that Kim always knew about this possibility and that it has haunted her for quite some time now.

The Hollywood Gossip reported a source close to the family saying, “North wants a simpler life, to be a kid in a normal home.” However, it certainly won’t be easy for Kim Kardashian to come to terms with such feelings. Feelings of insecurity and of being replaced or forgotten vanish all the success and fame and what’s left is the fear of rejection.

According to a source close to the family, Kim fears that “having her kids pick Kanye over her” will eventually come true, and that fear is becoming intense for her with each passing day.

Even though no one knows what North said exactly or if what has been claimed by sources is in fact true or not, it has raised much interest and attention as it shows the struggle of celebrity parents as they fight for their children. This added with the fact that children usually get attracted to people or places that make them feel happy and loved, it is normal for them to choose these over anything else.


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