Republican State Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Exclude Joe Biden from 2024 Election in Key Swing States

Republican lawmakers in key swing states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania are currently working on crafting legislation to remove President Joe Biden from the ballots. State representatives Aaron Bernstine from Pennsylvania, Charlice Byrd from Georgia, and Cory McGarr from Arizona are leading these efforts. The move is in response to a controversial ruling in Colorado that utilized the United States Constitution’s “Insurrection Clause” to prevent former President Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot. The lawmakers argue that the same reasoning used to challenge Trump’s eligibility could also implicate President Biden due to his handling of the southern border situation and alleged connections with China.

The legislators expressed their intentions to several news outlets, stating that they are introducing legislation to remove Joe Biden from the ballot in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. They maintained that the Democrats’ legal tactics to target Trump are unjust and that they are aiming to showcase the absurdity of Colorado’s decision. They also criticized the GOP elites for not taking action against the perceived threat to the American Republic posed by the Democrats.

The legal challenge in Colorado is not an isolated incident. The Gateway Pundit reported that 16 other states have pending legal challenges to Trump’s eligibility for office under the 14th Amendment. The lawsuits echo the claims made in Colorado, asserting that Trump should be barred from running due to his alleged involvement in the events of January 6, 2021. The cases have been filed both in state and federal courts, indicating a widespread effort to challenge the former president’s eligibility.

A little-known Republican presidential candidate, John Anthony Castro, is behind many of these legal challenges. He has filed cases in numerous states, including a case with the Supreme Court, questioning Trump’s eligibility to run for office.

The situation poses a potential threat to the upcoming election, as efforts to challenge the eligibility of both candidates could lead to a tumultuous and contentious campaign season. It remains to be seen how these legal battles will unfold and what impact they will have on the American political landscape. The proposal to remove Biden from state ballots, along with the ongoing legal challenges to Trump’s eligibility, is a testament to the high-stakes nature of the upcoming election and the intense polarization within American politics.


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